Sydney Escape: Seal Rocks

The weekend away up the mid-north coast of NSW was our another great camping adventure. Seal Rocks is located 3-4 hours drive north from Sydney and named after the seal colonies that used to reside in the area. Nowadays there’s no sign of them, some people say sharks ate them all. Oops! I’ll leave it up to you to trust this story or not J

Our van group (5 campervans in fact) settled for the weekend at Treachery Camp, one of my favourite campgrounds in NSW. No marked camp sites with concrete slabs here, it’s right amongst the nature, behind the sand dunes and pristine Treachery beach. It’s actually one of the few remaining campgrounds where you are still allowed to set up a camp fire and you may even spot wild Dingos and huge Goanna’s.


Treachery beach is an unspoiled beauty with great empty surf breaks, fishing opportunities and an amazing place to watch sunset from the top of the sand dunes. Lighthouse beach next door, is equally as nice. Both beaches face south east so are protected from the horrid summer NE winds and have great waves.

Nearby Seal Rocks beach is another surfing spot with a beautiful little point break. Being the first beach you get to and straight across from the main camp ground, it tends to get pretty crowded, though a few minuted over the hill, Boat beach is always empty and great for a swim without waves.


The view from the top of Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse is hard to beat. To get here you can take a 2km return trail through coastal rainforest all the way to the historic light house. The old lighthouse keepers house has actually been beautifully renovated if you’re up for a priceyer luxury weekend away. It’s also an unbeatable whale watching location at the right time of year.


Treachery campground is our top recommendation. However, if you’re not into camping, check their growing selection of cabins, especially the log cabins hidden in a private area towards the headland.


There isn’t much in the way of dinning options, though a good BBQ area within the camp ground. Make sure you bring all the supplies you need for the weekend to save the drive into pacific palms (though it is also a great surfy town). At the top of seal rocks, at the lighthouse/treachery intersection there is a tiny local shop with basic supplies. Out front there is also a cute little caravan café offering great coffee, overpriced toasties, cookies and pies.

If you’re up for cooking and grilling like a true camper, here are some ideas how to smoke a whole chicken and bake amazing potatoes.

Camping Sealrocks

Cooking tip: The best way to smoke or bake chicken is to put heaps of butter under the chicken skin.

Cooking tip: Stand the chicken on the top of a full beer, open of course haha. And place to the oven or smoker.

Cooking tip: Fresh pippies cooked with lots of butter and beer.