Hello World,

I’m Brendon Williams. I grew up on the beautiful beaches of the Central Coast in New South Wales, Australia. It’s only 90 minutes north of Sydney and if you haven’t yet visited I recommend that you do.

I grew up surfing and spending countless hours at the local beaches. I love surfing, snowboarding and all types of music and actually played drums in a band for about 10 years. Being in the band allowed me to see a lot of Australia, though there is still so much to see and I’ll never grow tired of road trips in my amazing country. Apart from the Central Coast, I’ve lived in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Vancouver and I couldn’t pick a favourite if I tried! In 2006 I went on my first solo overseas trip to Sri Lanka and that month in the beautiful Island country I fell in love with the idea, adventure, education, challenge and lifestyle of traveling. Since then I’ve also travelled to Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, China, Greece, Italy, England, Scotland, Germany, Slovakia, Austria, Canada, USA, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and New Zealand. I thought for a while that I’d get the travel bug out of my system with just one more trip and move on with my life but I’ve come to realise that I will probably never stop, I love it and traveling is my life


Hi everyone,

My name is Zuzana and I have been travelling since I was very little. Coming from Europe- Slovakia, the must summer foreign destination always been Croatia and Italy. But not only that. My family always been up to some hiking and exploring adventure.However, when you are little, you don’t really appreciate things like when you are adult. Honestly, I hated it. More in my teenage years when I had to leave my friends for a week to holidaying with my parents.

In summer 2005 I left to Malta to do an English language course. I think that was one the breaks in my life. The best summer holiday I could have in the age of 18. And mostly because of people and different cultures I met.After my first year at uni, it wasn’t difficult to decide that summer break will be always somewhere but in Slovakia.

The moment it changed everything was my first trip to USA and the highlight exploring my favourite (so far) city in the world New York City. Ever since I have visited NYC 4 times (even this editorial is written in NYC 🙂 ), travelled around Europe, visited Malaysia, Bali, Thailand, China, Tunisia, Australia, New Zealand.